The Motorway Hold-up


Last Friday, on the busiest travelling day of the year, Mrs Bard and I, along with other family members, found ourselves heading West on the M4 motorway in Wiltshire. We were heading for a wedding in Devon. I might just have mentioned that we were making good progress…

We’d been travelling for two hours,
t’was late in the morning,
the traffic ground to a halt,
without any warning.

We were caught between junctions,
no option to leave,
three lanes of car-park,
too big to believe.

Further back in the queue,
Offspring, son-in-law, granddaughter,
their kitted out campervan,
loo, kitchen and water.
Some middle-aged men,
and some who were older,
use a convenient tree,
on the hard shoulder!

After an hour we move,
although progress is slow,
thankful to be moving,
with many miles to go.

As all pass the crash site,
in car, truck or bus,
all quietly thank their maker,
that it wasn’t one of us.

Wherever you’re going today, please stay safe

© Baldock Bard 2017
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