The Must-Ride Road


The road outside the farm is the last straight overtaking area before it becomes winding and narrow with hairpin bends and adverse cambers. In other words a biker’s heaven. Unfortunately all too often it turns into a biker’s hell with ambulance crews picking up the pieces, police taking down evidence and fire crews left to wash the road. It is known as a ‘Must-Ride Road’. However add lorries, tractors and other traffic to crass stupidity and sadly it can become a ‘Must Die Road’…

Travelling down a local road,
empty Loadall no heavy load,
I’d cleaned the mirrors so I could see,
all around and what was behind me.
I indicated right for a field gateway,
two cars slowed some distance away,
I started to turn and suddenly spied,
a biker had appeared alongside.
How I missed him I’ll never know,
I’d done everything safely to see and show,
that’s no way to behave,
unless he sought an early grave.
So if you see a tractor beware:
it may be me – Please take care.

If you’re on the road on either two wheels or four today, please stay safe.
In the picture I was about to pull onto the road from the field track. The bike half-hidden had slowed down for the corner and was driving with great care, unlike the following four.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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