House Hunting the Morris Way!


Some people hate moving house. They procrastinate for days, weeks, months or even years in a perpetual ‘shall we? shan’t we?’. Some eventually preferring to stay put rather than make a decision. I have a friend who is the exact opposite. While out jogging the other day she spied a similar house to hers in an estate agent’s window and within the fortnight had not only sold her house but bought her latest ‘dream house’ as well. This, in verse form is her story…

House Hunting the Morris Way!

Some people stay in just one place
Because moving house they cannot face
Well there’s a woman that we know
She moves house in just one go

A few weeks since she was jogging past
an Estate Agents window, “gotta move fast!”
Looked at the photos – that’s like our dwelling
Oh good heavens look at the price it’s selling!

Rushed back home to tell the old man
“We’re moving house – a cunning plan!”
“But I’m quite happy with this one”
“Don’t worry dear, it’ll be such fun!”

A couple of weeks of looking spent
She’s found a house in a village in Kent
So from town they’re going to fly
She may even join the WI

In the garden live three chooks
They’ll be studying poultry books
What’s to follow? Maybe a sow?
They’re going to be like farmers now!

In Barbour and headscarf she’ll be seen
Taking tea on the village green
So if changing house is tiresome proving
Follow her example – just get speed-moving!

© Baldock Bard
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