The Perfect Storm!


Storm WarningIn these ‘forecast the worst – hope for the best’ health and safety-ridden days, potential disaster is pounced upon by 24hr media and official sources! For the past few days a storm of biblical proportions has been forecast. Prime Minister Canute has held a meeting to discuss how to save the country from its effects and local authorities rush around acting out the results of thousands of hours of Disaster Planning Contingency meetings. Yet again, Nature simply reminds us who is boss…

The forecasters gave out warnings,
Preachers said we’d sinned,
We battened down the hatches,
Waiting for disastrous wind!

We spent the night in the cellar,
The dogs thought we were mad,
I finished off the sloe gin,
This morning I feel bad!

The trains have all been cancelled,
The country is locked down,
If you have a meeting,
You won’t get up to Town!

TV’s in its element,
Reporters in the dark,
Looks like they’re in peril,
They’re in a local park!

It’s ‘The Perfect Storm’,
Threatened wind and rain
The reason it was perfect,
Was less violent when it came!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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