The Power Cut!


power cutThis morning, at just after seven, the lights went out. We had a power cut. Ringing the power carrier (like Aquarius but with volts), I was informed by a distended voice that she knew about the fault in my area, it was probably due to the effect of heavy rain on underground cables and that everything would be back to normal very soon…

There’s no electric,
we’re in the dark,
no hot drinks,
the choice is stark!
Such a nice lady,
other end of the phone,
dealing with it personally,
on her own!
She wears high-vis,
everyone can see,
she’s down the hole,
mending the wire for me!

…Don’t go beserk,
with UK Power Network,
by half-past-nine,
…all was fine!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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