The Premier Ploughman


I have to admit that the one skill I always lacked on the farm was ploughing. My rather feeble excuse is that when I was training and during my early years in the industry, ploughing had fallen out of fashion and had been replaced by stubble burning and cultivators! However this doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the skill shown by others…

Laurence is ploughing Hornbeam Field,
He spots the drone, he’s not thrilled!
He thinks that it’s been sent out to spy,
‘just want a good picture – that’s all’ says I.
His ploughing is straight – gun-barrel true,
quite an achievement on this field to do,
from clay to loam then back to clay,
it would make good pottery any day!

So all I can say in defence to he;
“You’re a far better ploughman than I’d ever be!” 

Have a great day and whatever your skill, enjoy it!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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