The Pylons are Coming!


March of the PylonsAccording to a weekend newspaper, the dreaded pylons are on the march. Thanks to successful pressure from Home Counties Nimbys, wind turbines have proliferated in areas where there is little need for electricity. As a result the power has to be transported from turbines in areas of outstanding natural beauty by pylon to the homes of those very people who denounced turbines in their own backyard as spoilers of their countryside. It just seems to highlight the selfishness and stupidity of our age…

The Nimbys will protest again,
Not about flooding or persistent rain,
The view from their window may well change,
At the Old Vicarage and at The Grange!

They voted and marched against windmills,
Forced their building onto distant hills,
Now their houses need more power,
At the pylons they’ll frown and glower.

They’re against wave-power because of birds
Fields of cells are quite absurd!
Wind turbines bring them out in hives,
No local generation policy now survives.

Those who voted against local generation,
Are guilty of visual-pollution desecration,
Recently when the lights were out,
Those same people at the engineers did shout.

So bring on the darkness, serve them right,
They’ll see how early it’s dark at night!
In the dark the pylons, a demonic dance,
As yet more electric comes from France!!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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