The River Snails!


CruisersRecently I was at a wedding on the Norfolk Broads. During the marquee-clad reception, there was a constant procession of river cruisers passing the garden at a sedentary 4mph. Most boats had a fishing keep-net on the roof…

Migratory river snails,
bright September morning,
filling the waterways,
north-west of Horning.

Doug down from Doncaster,
with his mates going fishing,
gallons of lager,
and overboard pissing!

Captains for a week,
Plastic Skippers all,
back at work next week,
to tell stories tall.

“The fish were enormous,
should have seen the size,
you’d better come next year!”
all fisherman’s lies!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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