The Road Closure


Road ClosedDriving back from the town yesterday Mrs Bard and I came were shocked to come across a road closure on the road leading to the farm. What lay over the small hill? Would we get home? Would the frozen peas defrost?
Today we are going to a little country church to say goodbye to a friend. What has been most shocking about Anthony’s death is that suddenly a number of facts of life have been exposed to me when I thought I’d tidied them neatly away in a cupboard.
Firstly, although I didn’t see him often, Anthony was one of those legions of people who sit in ‘the wings’ of one’s life stage and make up the chorus, they play a vital and comforting part in all our lives.
Secondly he was a true gentleman, totally honest and slightly shy, however this always set you up when he exposed his sense of humour which was never at another’s cost but just plain old-fashioned funny! He always took great care over words he used.
Thirdly, as a sheep farmer would say ‘they are now picking from my pen’ and despite not being able to ever tell what has caused the road closure just over the hill, there is never any warning and we’re all driving on the same road.

Rest in peace, Anthony, you were a real gentle-man and it was my pleasure knowing you. What a great example you set. Goodbye old friend.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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