The Scooterist


ScooteristScooters may be a great invention for those with limited mobility. They may also be a lifesaver for the housebound and immobile. However they can pose problems in confined spaces. I have yet to witness ‘scooter rage’ but apparently it’s out there and awaiting discovery by the tabloids…

I was quietly shopping the other day,
Minding my own business, I have to say!
When I felt a nudge in the back,
I said “Sorry!” somewhat taken aback.
Expecting politeness, was met with a stare,
As a Scooterist growled “I want to get there!”
I was shocked at how ‘Excuse me,” was put,
And then the old man ran over my foot!”
I fumed to the check-out, I fumed in the car,
I realised then, it’s just how some are!
Don’t want to get old, but if I do,
I’ll be a danger on a scooter too!

The picture above is a serving suggestion only and in no way portrays anyone connected with any incident of ‘scooter rage’ so far as I know! In an advanced warning to the good people of Baldock, the Bard would like to announce that he will be ordering a scooter in or around 2030!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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