The Shredding!


According to media reports we should all be more concerned about identity theft. No longer should we put old bank statements, addressed envelopes or scraps of paper with user names and passwords in the bin, but should ‘destroy’ all such items. However in my new ‘Green Era’ this has led to a problem as my old solution now leads me to shake and sweat with fear…

I used to light a bonfire,
and burn all paperwork,
to avoid my identity,
being stolen from my work!
Now I have a shredder,
a shiny ‘post-box’ slot,
but ‘You must use it carefully’,
(one warning I forgot!)
So enthusiastic was my shredding,
(this admission really hard)
left with an expired piece of plastic,
having shredded my new bank card!

What shredder hath torn apart, no person can join together!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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