The Slow Goose-Step!


geesesOur guard-geese are behaving strangely again! Yesterday they attempted to impede a friends progress down the drive, which she filmed and posted. A comment suggested that it was because they were in no hurry to get to the farm because of the impending Christmas. I would suggest it’s because they are old, tough and awkward…

Christmas is coming,
the geese don’t give a damn,
they know they’re too tough,
and we’ll be eating ham!
They hold up the traffic,
on the drive to the farm,
they’re on a goose go-slow,
no sense of alarm.
After Christmas,
they’ll still act loud and shirty,
thanking their god,
they’re geese and not turkey!

With thanks to Dolly’s mummy for the picture and inspiration!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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