The Spider Substitute!


This morning I wrote a very good verse (or so I thought!). I had rushed downstairs before seven and quickly typed it out onto my laptop. Alas normal ‘morning procedure’ interrupted my progress and I forgot to press ‘save’. I returned to a blank screen and a dog full-stretch on the keyboard. Luckily I had met someone in the bathroom who saved the day…

A spider called Sharon was in the shower tray,
I went to remover her, she said “Hey!”
she shrugged her eight shoulders and said “Whatever!
You think you can remove me I say ‘Never!’”

She ran around the shower and hid behind the plug,
then made a great leap and landed on the rug,
ran up the wall and onto the light,
gave me eight fingers and disappeared from sight!
Later this morning there she was there once more,
she stuck out her tongue and raced across the floor,
into an empty toilet roll ready for the bin,
I said, “I’ve got you now, you’ll have to give in!”
I went to the window to throw the loo roll out,
she leapt onto my shoulders, this made me leap about!
My arms flailing like a windmill, a terrible sight to see,
“You can live anywhere you like but not on me!”

Have a great day. Try to avoid angering any female with more than four legs and always save your work before the dogs get onto the table!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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