The Struggles of a Town Decoration!


Town LightsFrom today, the day after 12th Night, the Christmas Lights decorating Baldock will no longer shine. Very soon men with ladders will remove them from the buildings and the seasonal colours will disappear until next December…

Illuminated Santa will be removed from his perch,
on the side of the former Town Hall.
Children of all ages and stages,
will miss his luminary enthral.
He’s off to a warm hibernation,
in the back of a dry garden shed,
He’s miss any snow and fierce weather,
and return next winter ever-red!
But some decorations will not make it,
Forced to retire by something new,
And those that are chosen to re-hang,
will utter one word – simply ‘Phew!’

Grateful thanks to the Rotary Club of Baldock who give of their time and donations to ensure that Baldock sparkles every Christmas.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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