The Traffic Jam Fairy!


Traffic JamYou know what it’s like, you’re half an hour or more later leaving than you’d like and everything is going well. Suddenly a large spanner hits the works and the estimated time of arrival flies out of the window. The inconsiderate Traffic Jam Fairy is here…

We were in a hurry, running late,
Mrs Bard called it ‘my fault’, I called it ‘fate’.
We’d just passed a motorway junction,
When suddenly the tarmac lost its function.
At the other cars the dogs did bark,
As the road transformed into a large car park!
At the next opportunity we changed our route,
The shrewdness of this move I still dispute!
The satnav was being a wonderful tool,
For once it didn’t vacillate at all!
After half an hour we were out of the mess,
Congratulating ourselves on such success,
Then horror of horrors what a failure,
Around the bend, a tractor and trailer!
…being a farmer I should have known better!
Tractor and Trailer © Baldock Bard 2015
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