The Troublesome Crop!


Troublesome CropAs farmers we are no longer allowed just to grow what crops we like. By law, we have to grow at least three different crops, along with a myriad of other rules dreamed up by desk-bound bureaucrats. For last harvest I chose: wheat, field beans and linseed. I wish I’d never chosen the latter it was trouble all the way…

Linseed can be a troublesome crop,
it’s a little scamp,
this diminutive seed causes grief indeed,
particularly when it’s damp!

We gave it a wonderful seedbed,
nurtured it like a son,
gave it fert in quality dirt,
harvest was a difficult one!

We moved it around the store,
gave it lots of air,
it wouldn’t dry though hard we try
always had ‘wet hair!’

Yesterday we’d had enough,
Ian brought his lorry around,
from the bin we swept it in,
now it’s Newark-bound…

…apart from 7 tons that wouldn’t fit on the lorry, UGH!

With thanks to all who helped tire out this troublesome crop; from Carl who planted it, David who kept an eye on it, James who nurtured and combined it, John and Russell who battered it, Charles who sold it, Tommy who swept it, Amy who homed it, Mick who scheduled it and Ian who finally drove it off the farm!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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