The Twins Win – Again!


img_0849Yesterday morning I was wondering just how and when I would be able to finish the ploughing and roll the seed after the drill. Almost a fortnight ago I had broken the tractor for a second time in two weeks ( and since then it has sat forlornly in a corner of the shed, its rear end in bits and minus two wheels. I had been told that the parts were on back order (the computer says ‘No!’) and there wasn’t much hope before November. So it was with surprise that when I walked into the shed yesterday afternoon the ‘Mechanical Twins’ ( were back and the tractor was almost whole again…

When Jonny and Jonny (the mechanical twins),
appear on the farm everyone wins!
A two-wheeled tractor wasn’t going anywhere,
is all of a sudden running and fair!
This farmer who had been feeling down in the dumps,
is up and smiling even feeling goose bumps!
Out in the field later today,
a bright yellow tractor will be back at farm-play!

Thanks are due to the ‘Twins’ and also to Colin in the workshop and everyone at Oliver Landpower of Luton who worked their own brand of magic and made the back-order become a front-order so the tractor was repaired in under half the expected time. Also thanks to James for offering the borrow of his tractor.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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