The Two Terriers!


We share our house two terriers, Mati and Mali (pictured at table above!). Living with two dogs can be hard work. So long as you understand that you are in their home for one purpose and that is to provide for them and do as instructed, there will be no problems! Our two even let us go out on our own sometimes un-chaperoned. However there is always a price to pay…

We share our house with two dogs,
they have a say in what we do!
We are ‘their humans’ at beck and call,
I’m afraid it’s true.
Sometimes they treat us very well,
so long as we comply,
at other times they ignore us,
no matter how hard we try!
I wouldn’t want to disturb them,
in the mornings I wouldn’t risk it,
but to get their attention at any time,
I just have to whisper “biscuit!”

Have a good day, and if you have a dog in your life: ‘woof, woof grrrr!”

© Baldock Bard 2018
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