The Zero-Emission Hedgetrimmer!


I love new technology and am fond of toys! Since I became involved in drones I have been amazed at the development of battery power. Many say I’m a sad-o for lusting after a Tesla car, but with more than a little sense of surprise I realised that I have slowly become green. This is a great shock to friends who saw me as a V8 farmer with dreams of twin-turbo’s feeding vast exhausts. The next step will have to be solar/wind-power to charge all my purchases…

A large long box was delivered yesterday,
an early Christmas present fell off Santa’s sleigh!
Not a chainsaw or even a new strimmer,
but a zero emissions battery-powered trimmer.
I opened the box excited almost had to shout,
dashed out of the house to try the hedge-cutter out!
My trimmed topiary will be the neatest you have seen,
locals will also comment “There goes Farmer Green!”

Have a great day and make sure your batteries are fully charged for a wonderful week ahead!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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