Things Are Looking Up!


Clouds over CBDo you find that sometimes it takes somebody else to make you appreciate what you see daily but ignore? Last week I did a UAV course in Newcastle that covered Meteorology and clouds. Ever since schooldays and geography lessons I have ignored the subject. Sion, our instructor last week, spread his enthusiasm around as a gardener might do manure on favourite roses. Now, after some forty-five years since the classroom, I am in danger of falling flat on my face as I re-discover the beauty of the skies…

Oh good grief! What a surprise,
I’ve rediscovered cloudy skies!
They must have been always there,
But now I tend to stop and stare!

From Cumulo-Nimbus,
such bad boys!
Torrential rain,
horrendous noise!

To highest level Cirrus see,
Nature’s beauty just for me!
If you see me looking, eyes open wide,
Please take my hand, lead me inside!

If having read this, you look up and trip over the garden rake that you meant to put away yesterday, please don’t blame me! Have a great day and look up! You may also want to visit Thanks Sion! (pron: Shaun)

© Baldock Bard 2015
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