Tunnel Vision!


In any job there are unpopular tasks that are put off until later. On the farm anything that involves crawling around in the small concrete drying tunnels under the grain store is left until the last minute. When I was down there yesterday I hit my head in the dark. Everyone has been questioning my every word since…

I was down in the tunnel under the grain store,
Mending a slide under bin four.
I looked up suddenly and hit my head,
When I came round a small mouse said:
“Please Mr Farmer may I request,
When down here, you wear a high-vis vest!
And also please I do insist,
You get out now and start harvest!
I know you think me a trifle rude,
But me and my family could do with some food!”
I replied and tried to explain:
“It’s been a wet summer we’ve had much rain.”
The mouse just shrugged in a mouse-like way,
“That’s a poor excuse,” then walked away.
When I crawled back out into the sunlight,
John asked me “was I was feeling alright?”
As I walked away holding my head,
He asked me what down there I’d said,
Over my shoulder on the way to the house,
“I was only chatting to a small hungry mouse!”

© Baldock Bard 2012
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