Twenty-One (Again)!


Today sees me celebrate my 57th birthday. Quite how I’ve lasted this long, medical science cannot explain. I do have a theory though, regarding cakes and in particular birthday cakes: The more birthday cakes you have, the older you get, therefore cake must be good for you, however…

I’ve always been very fond of cake
The thought sets my taste buds racing
But there’s one cake that I’d rather forget
The kind that today I’m facing!

It reminds me that I’m getting old
An annual pilgrimace I make
It’s got more candles that St Peters in Rome
Another birthday cake!

I have so many blessings
Have no regrets at all
And now I have a granddaughter…
I can’t wait to introduce her to the delights of yummy chocolate cake!
Best wishes to you all from a very elderly Baldock Bard!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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