Two Very Different Displays!


BootSellers at the boot sale have many different styles of display. Some ‘Chuck-it and Luck-it’ and others take so much time over an immaculate display that you wonder if they’ll get it done before the end of the sale! This week we had two great examples, both successful in their own way. I’ll leave it up to you to choose…

They’re as keen as mustard at the boot sale,
Someone’s turned up with a truck,
Buyers all over him like house-flies,
He just can’t believe all his luck!
“How much is this?” they’re all shouting,
“What do you want for that?”
I enquire if he wants some assistance,
He shrugs and continues to chat!
DealersOver in the corner a couple,
Have erected a screen for the wind,
They’re carefully placing possessions,
When hurry is suggested they grinned!
A crowd gathered by to watch them,
There was even a space for a broom!
When they finished the crowd applauded,
On the field they’d created a room!
Outside room

© Baldock Bard 2013
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