We have Rotation and Take Off!


Celestial FlightRecently I have spent too many hours in Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge with an elderly relative. This has led to much thinking time in waiting rooms. I suppose the surroundings have made me consider mortality. On Wednesday, I vaguely remembered something I’d heard at a funeral ages ago about a ship disappearing over the horizon. Not being able to ‘Google it’ I decided to write my own, updated version from what little I could remember…


I leave them as I collect my boarding pass to a distant land and board the plane.

Back where I existed,
Someone says,
“He’s gone.”
And one by one
they look to where I was
and say “goodbye.”


In the arrivals hall,
People await my arrival.

those waiting,
glance up
at the arrivals board.

Suddenly someone
in the crowd
shouts excitedly:
He’s nearly here –
Landing in five minutes!”

They crowd around the arrivals gate,
excitedly leaning forward
over the barriers,
for a first glimpse.

The only difference to Stansted:
There’s no luggage to claim,
I arrive naked.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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