When Fish Float By!


PortholeHave you ever been in someone else’s room and suddenly found yourself in shock? I was staying with some friends at the weekend when suddenly I found myself wondering just where I was. I knew I was in a cellar-room but was the view from the window an illusion? Just how deep was the subterranean room? There were more questions than answers…

Sitting in the smallest room,
On a pristine throne,
Pondering the meaning of life,
Peaceful and all alone.
I looked up from my thought process,
The morning light was dim,
Did my eyes deceive me?
Was I out on a limb?
Fish were swimming past,
On a coral reef,
It was just a sticker,
I discovered with relief.
But it made me think,
How cruel some hosts can be,
After a night with drink!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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