When The April Dust Does Blow!


Linseed drillYesterday we planted 40 acres of linseed (used in paints, nutritional supplements or for varnishing cricket bats!). Karl was on the powerharrow/drill combination and I was following with the rolls. The overwhelming factor was not the usual April showers, but clouds and clouds of dust…

There’s dust flying a-plenty,
When we’re preparing the ground,
For a linseed crop, we dare not stop,
In case an April shower comes around!
The drill is going quite slowly,
To make a fine seedbed,
Then come the rolls to compact it,
So the seed and soil are well wed!
The dust from this whole operation,
In clouds is blowing about,
But if it should rain ‘afore we’re finished,
We’d need a spade to dig us both out!
Roll DustWith thanks to Karl for his acccuracy, skill and clever welding! Everybody needs a Karl when time is short and the dust is flying!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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