When Time Fell Off the Wall!


Clearing up the rubbish after a car boot sale some years ago I came across some unwanted time. Unable to sell the kitchen clock, the former owners just abandoned it and drove off. I’ve always been wary about throwing clocks or watches away since someone told me years ago that it was inviting bad luck (hence I have broken watches lying at the bottom of almost every drawer or cupboard in the house). Last week the rescued clock fell from its nail in the kitchen wall and hit me on the head on its way to the stone floor. I thought it was en route to a cupboard (the drawers now having no space left!) but gave it one last chance. Following three attempts and a new battery it suddenly came out of its coma, received a radio signal from Rugby and merited its place back on the nail! This simple action not only suggested to me that sometimes time can heal but also led to me considering time itself…

The kitchen clock fell to the floor
Catching my head on the way
Time passed by close to my eye
How much or how close I can’t say!

The perennial answer to life is time,
Not money nor wages nor sin
At work time loss is down to the boss
Not knowing what we had to begin!

If we could time-travel what would we change?
Knowing disruption could be
Children not born partners forlorn
Totally different life you see!

Thank heavens we can’t go back in time
Not even to yesterday’s tea!
There’d be no stopping impulse-bad shopping
In a flash it never would be!

But the greatest threat to going back now
I’d know what I look like to all
I’d have met an old me when just twenty-three
And seen how time can be cruel!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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