When We Bean Busy!


Bin of Beans So goes the old saying: Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you fart!…etc. Yesterday morning Steve from L&H Transport arrived on the farm bright and early to take away a load of field beans. Harvested on the 7th September (see Bard Passim: http://www.baldockbard.co.uk/?p=1204) they have since been stored with great care in a 60 ton bin in our grain store. They have been dressed (using a machine with sieves) and moved from bin to bin to keep them fresh and looking good. We had done our best and it was time for them to leave the farm…

Morning Steve,
It’s a brand new day,
Snow’s on the ground,
Load of beans away!
We’ll try to load,
As quick as we can,
Get you away quickly,
That’s the plan!
Dressed BeansThe beans rattle,
As they leave the bin,
Along the conveyor,
Make such a din!
Up the elevator,
And down the spout,
With a final rattle,
They’re finally out!
L&H Transport LorryInto the lorry,
Check the weight,
29 tonnes on board,
That’s just great!
Wave Steve off,
Not a sound!
The beans been gone,
Wisbech bound!
Steve L&H Transport© Baldock Bard 2013
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