Wide Load!


Mrs Bard was driving me up the M6 yesterday when we passed a lorry with its load covered by a multi-coloured tarpaulin. My mind began to wander as I contemplated the sight in front of us…

“If you’re heading North West on the M6 motorway,
The world’s largest market-bag is going your way!
That concludes this hours extensive travel report,
From Midlands FM at Elsmere Port!”

I suddenly thought: “That’s where we are!
Imagine taking it shopping, would it fit in the car?”
Thirty feet long by eight plus feet wide,
How many tins of beans could you fit inside?
How many fishes, and freshly baked bread?
Or slices of ham for your lunch instead!

“You are just crazy,” Mrs Bard started to gloat,
It’s just a tarpaulin covering a boat!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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