The Christmas Tree Gongoozler!


There are some jobs that naturally attract gongoozlers and self-proclaimed experts. Erecting a caravan awing is one, taking a boat through a canal lock is another and a combine breakdown in harvest is a third. Erecting a Christmas tree is also a job that should only be attempted in private. I found myself giving unnecessary advice last night despite having a complete lack of expertise myself.

“Left a bit, right a bit!”
I offer advice with glee.
As son-in-law John,
Puts up their Christmas tree.
“More lights on the left,
More lights on the right!”
The tree’s now looking perfect,
The lights are shining bright!

It’s easy to be an expert,
With someone else’s tree.
Now that I’ve got ours to do,
It would seem the joke’s on me!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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