The Baldock Bard Saves the Planet!


Wandering around the shops yesterday I spotted a planet-saving device. Being quite keen to save the planet I made a rare non-chocolate snap purchase – I bought some LED bulbs for the kitchen (there’s quite an incentive because if the planet dies it’s going to take me with it and that from my perspective is a bad thing!). So you can rest easy in your beds tonight, the Baldock Bard is your saviour (heaven help you!)…

Good on me!
I’ve saved the planet,
Or at least,
The Isle of Thanet!
I bet those that live there,
Are real pleased,
Because I installed,
Six LEDs!
On the pack
It says they’ll last
30,000 hours
(3.4 years pass!)
Although they cost,
More than most,
I feel as if,
I’ve saved the coast!
If sea levels,
Keep rising still,
I’ll be grateful to,
Live on a hill!
(Although it would be quite nice if the coast came to us for a change!)

© Baldock Bard 2012
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