Two Feet of Snow!


Two Feet of SnowOk! I surrender. I’ve had enough, game over – the snow can leave now! There is an old saying that says snow hangs around waiting for more and the forecast suggests this is correct. They also suggest that there will then be a dramatic rise in temperatures and a fast thaw. Knowing the stupidity at large in this country, this will probably be followed by a health and safety alert and a hose-pipe ban…

Two feet of snow,
Two feet of snow,
Why they’re so cold,
I don’t know!

Just popped out,
To feed the hens,
I hope this weather,
Soon quickly ends!

Water frozen,
Pipe is burst,
In this weather,
Nothing worse!

We’re due a thaw,
Warmer bloods,
Next we’ll complain,
About bloody floods!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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