Basra’s Winning Ways!


Basra BaldockLast March a winning scratch card at Basra’s Store in Clothall Common, Baldock, yielded £50,000. Last week that figure was top-trumped by John and Carol Baxter who won a cool £1m on a EuroMillions raffle draw. The family-run store is getting a reputation for winners…

Baldock’s been in the news again:
Or I should say Basra’s Store?
A winning National Lottery ticket,
Larger than they’ve had before!

Last time it was fifty-thousand,
On a lucky scratch card done.
This time the Euro-millions raffle,
A cool One Million pounds was won!

So if you want to be lucky,
Off to Basra’s you might go,
And then you’ll find you be able to,
Chill your champagne in the snow!
Champagne Cooler© Baldock Bard 2013

For the full story of how a very nice couple have won the lottery:

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