38 Years Ago!


It is pure coincidence that my 1,500th blog posting has landed fairly and squarely on May 19th. This was the day, thirty-eight years ago, that Mrs Bard said those fatal words “I do” (or rather I think she said those words, as she was speaking Welsh at the time!) Fast forward to May 19th 2017 and she’s still by my side. Considering what I am like, this is no mean feat and one of remarkable courage and tolerance. It is ever-more remarkable when in those days I looked like an extra from the film ‘Planet of the Apes’…

Thirty-eight years today,
I stood beside a bride,
in a village in South Wales,
feeling most nervous deep inside!
When it came to say ‘I do!’
what I can’t ignore,
(I had expected the bride,
to make a dash out through the door!)

Thirty-eight years later,
she’s still by my side,
we’ve been through a lot,
but she’s still my amazing bride!

Have an amazing day and appreciate the one you love.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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