The Three Thieves!


I have never been a quality fisherman (or writer!), I lack the one characteristic needed: patience! I was looking through some photos this morning, desperate to fill my 1,499th posting, when I came across a shot I’d taken on the river of three thieves! Now all I had to do was find suitable words, force them to rhyme and I’d be away…

Three crazy fishermen,
John, Ben and Mike,
always swallow what they catch,
especially a pike!
They don’t care where they fish,
river, lake or pond,
they arrive at a competition,
and fish just beyond!
They never use a rod,
fish without bait all day,
never feel the need to brag about,
‘the one that got away!’

Have a great day and if you’re going to act like a Cormorant, just don’t get caught!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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