My Car’s Cat Seat!


IMG_7656The other day I discovered my granddaughter’s cat sitting in her car seat. Unfortunately I was a few miles from home. Luckily I hadn’t yet parked, however the cat didn’t seem at all concerned or worried. Next time I won’t be leaving the door open as I dash back inside for forgotten things…

The cat is in the child seat
going for a ride,
with a bottle of drink,
(it’s quite warm outside),
I am off to fetch some parts,
for the large green plough,
don’t realise there’s a passenger,
until she shouts ‘miaow!’
Nearly have a heart attack,
in the middle of the town,
there’s only one action,
I have to turn around.
Next time I’m rushing,
jobs to complete,
I shall check the type of animal
in the car seat!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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