Harvest (at last)!


harvest 15Just as dust was drawing in last night we started harvest. The wheat was dry and ripe, the night was cool and off we went! Luckily the crop was dry and the temperature low enough to be tipped straight onto the floor of the shed. However none of us had expected such a late night…

Harvest has started,
the dust is here again,
that we don’t mind,
so long as it is not rain!
John is carting wheat,
to the store from the field,
and tipping it in the barn,
who knows about the yield?
Suddenly it’s late,
it’s after half-past-one,
We all should be getting sleep,
ready for tomorrow’s sun!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun, sorry about the dust but we’re in a hurry!

Baldock Bard 2015