Damaged Shoes!


Do you wear damaged shoes? If not you probably haven’t got a dog. The other day I went to get a pair of shoes (I thought hidden from Teeth-on-Legs-with-Tail) only to discover that my hiding place had been discovered. Trying to maintain some sort of dignity in public knowing my shoes could disintegrate at any moment wasn’t easy. We decided to try some new dog food…

All my shoes are damaged,
Our dog so likes to chew!
Other dog owners sympathise,
Say “got a puppy too?”

Mrs Bard bought some dog food,
We hadn’t tried at home,
On the packet was a shoe,
Would my footwear be left alone?

The dog wolfed down the contents,
Burped, not saying pardon,
Grabbed a shoe from by the door,
And ran off down the garden!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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