The Apple and the Gooseberry


The path of love seldom runs smoothly. This is particularly true amongst fruit. Lemons and Oranges, despite being part of the same Citrus family can never be put on the same table at weddings. Other fruits are more tolerant of each other’s differences…

The apple and the gooseberry
Went on a date
The date was un-amused
The apple turned up late!

The gooseberry asked the apple
“Can I take you out?”
They enjoyed each others company
And love began to sprout!

The gooseberry was all hairy
The apple turned quite red
Wasn’t long before
They went to the asparagus bed!

Soon they would not separate
Together everywhere
And all their fruity friends
Knew they were a pair!

They tied the knot in Waitrose
Just outside Carlisle
An Orange gave the bride a walk
Down the fresh-fruit aisle!

The path of love was rocky
Can happen as a rule
The apple became a tart
While the gooseberry was a fool!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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