Harvest Gold Rush!


Harvest 50sIn just three days our harvest is almost complete. What would have taken weeks using horses and hands, now is gone in an instant. I discovered a picture that was taken in the fifties on my Great Uncles farm, it is a very different scene from today. All the grain was carted to the thrashing drum (early combine which was back at the farm) and the wheat and straw was separated there. What we do in a day with two drivers would have taken weeks with at least six men with pitchforks…

“During harvest”,
a farmer once said,
“there ain’t much time,
twixt work and bed.
From the grain to the sheet,
grab some food,
your day’s complete!”

Whatever would he think now?
only days between harvest and plough,
everything is rush, rush, rush,
little time to use hairbrush!

One common factor does remain,
we’re in it for the golden grain!

Harvest now

© Baldock Bard 2016
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