Under Lights!


Harvest MoonLast night we were able to harvest until eleven o-clock before being halted, not by the damp of the night, but by a low-fuel warning light on the combine. It is always a shock in the following morning to see the bare field and large heap in the barn when you’ve been ‘under lights’…

There is no sight likely to gladden a farmer’s heart,
than a big old moon at harvest.
Shinning down as a giant combine harvester,
grinds its way up and down the field,
dust following like a dirty train on a wedding dress.
However there is nothing more worrying,
than the low fuel warning light,
blinking as if a rabbit caught in headlights,
when we are on the field furthest from home,
and most sensible folk are tucked up in bed!
unload© Baldock Bard 2016
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