A Bean-Sweeping Fool!


Silo Selfie 1 Have you a task that you hate doing at work? Is there a job that you’d pass on without a moments thought to the intern or office junior? I have and it’s called sweeping beans out of a silo. It is noisy, dusty and fills your hair with itchy bits of bean/straw/pod! Yesterday I looked around for someone to shoulder the task, but only saw myself in the tractor mirror! So into the bin I went. Job done I faced the problem of getting rid of the dust…

There’s an alien in the yard,
Dressed in overalls and looking marred,
His hair is having the worst of days,
He’s limping, muttering and in a daze!
He’s heading towards the workshop now,
Past the tractor, past the plough!
It looks like he’s about to inflate,
He’s grasping the air-line like a date!
Now he’s got the short air lance,
Building up pressure in advance,
Now he’s running it through his hair,
Dust and beans blow everywhere!
Now he’s blowing his overalls,
Must be a day for bean-sweeping fools!
Silo Selfie 2© Baldock Bard 2014
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