Leave The Past Behind!


Last BreakfastHave you ever re-visited a place from your youth and found it had changed beyond recognition? The campsite where you spent your first ‘without-parent’ holiday, that you remember being in the middle of nowhere, is now a car park surrounded by high-rise hotels. The small village school you attended is now a thousand-student-plus academy! These are obscure examples but I bet you could add more? What about food memories? Mrs Bard and I were on the road yesterday and I treated her to a vintage lunch. She was NOT impressed that I chose to travel back in time at a once-famous roadside eatery…

All-day Breakfast please,
and a burger for my wife!

The waitress was disinterested,
we were interrupting her life!
As soon as it came to the table,
I groaned when I saw it was mine,
either my memory had adjusted,
or my tastes had differed with time.
I can’t even describe the ‘sausage’,
the taste was nowhere near Gold!
The mushrooms were for the high jump,
the potatoes tasted of mold!
So those who are healthy and haughty,
Will say I made a mistake,
I should have ordered a salad,
Or a coffee and small carrot cake!

this time history will not be repeating itself like the All-day Breakfast did!
Lesson learnt – leave past hidden in box in attic!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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