A Big Bang Apology!


Have you ever watched a ‘cult’ programme that everyone you know finds side-splittingly funny only to sit stone-faced throughout? I have tried very hard to laugh at such a show, but the only laughter resonating around the room came from the live audience. But I could be wrong…

An old friend, bright and cheery,
Suggested I watch the Big Bang Theory.
So I sat and concentrated,
But found the programme zero rated!
Sheldon simply made me mad,
And I thought the storyline incredibly bad.
But to criticize something for not being fun,
You have to watch more than one!
Suddenly I laughed into a stupor,
Chortling at a U-tube blooper!
So I no longer call it guff,
Because I now can’t watch enough!
Where once I thought it was a bore,
I now say “thank-you” to Channel Four!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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