A Christmas Tale 2016


For the last thirteen years, my family has become accustomed to an empty place at our Christmas table, since our son David died at the age of twenty-two. However that serves to highlight the very special and true Christmas tale I have to tell…

grantlindaGrant and Linda do the catering at my Saturday Car Boot Sales near Baldock. Their daughters, collectively known as the ‘Food Angels’ flit between the stalls, collecting orders and delivering food and drinks, so the sellers don’t go hungry or thirsty.

Just over a year ago, Grant and Linda’s eldest daughter, Bianca-Jade, left for Australia. Knowing full well that there is a time to let one’s offspring fly the nest and discover new vistas, they waved her off with smiles but heavy hearts. It was obvious to me how much they missed her as we often talked about the happy but sad side to ‘Wrong Postcode Syndrome’ for a parent when you have a close family.

At this point I shall let Linda’s Facebook post tell the rest of their Christmas Tale…

“Wow what a Christmas!
Last night I get a call from Grant saying can you pop home. This is while I’m out shopping with Gemma and Bradley. So I go home straight away to find Amber there. Grant says Amber needs you. I walk in the lounge and OMG Bianca-Jade says “Happy Xmas Muma”. I nearly fainted to say the least. Our darling daughter has come home for Xmas how long for who knows. So happy going to be a special one for sure!!!!”
family…and that, my friends, is what Christmas is all about!

May you have a wonderfully Happy Christmas, surrounded by those you love and discover the true spirit of the season.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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