Oats 2 Go!


oats2goYesterday morning we had an unexpected visitor to the farm. The mill that were expecting a load of oats on the 28th of this month rang to see if they could be collected earlier. This means that I can extend my holiday laziness for another few days after Christmas. I was so excited abut this prospect that I made a mess of loading the lorry…

Christmas holidays are almost here,
Santa Claus will appear,
I hope he isn’t in a rush,
what I need is a shovel and brush!
I loaded the lorry with such care,
didn’t want oats everywhere,
until the final bucket load,
I spilt them all across the road!
When the truck had left the farm,
I fetched the broom from the barn,
unfortunately it had bristles few,
I’d thought it would last ’till harvest new!
Then I heard a honking noise,
up came the geese, girls and boys!
much subdued, normally surly,
Santa, for them, had come early!

If I don’t see you before Sunday may I wish you a very happy Christmas. I hope Santa brings you all you desire and that you enjoy the day with those you love. BB

© Baldock Bard 2016
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