A Dark Christmas Eve!


IMG_9372I remember some years ago looking at an old painting depicting a Nineteenth Century Christmas and wondering what it was really like. I need wonder no more. Following last nights storms we are on the news as: “Thousands of houses were without power last night as storms….” How many times have we heard that phrase from a smug position and not even thought ‘Poor Sods‘? No more wondering for me…

Was the night before Christmas Eve,
Around ten O’clock hour,
Suddenly darkness,
We have no power!
The wind it is howling,
Like Hounds of Hell,
The night is not cold,
That’s just as well!
The turkey is resting,
In the non-refrigerator,
There’s wracking of brains,
How’ll we’ll cook it later!
Nothing is working,
No communication ways,
So I wish you Happy Christmas,
It’s just like old days!

Baldock Bard from mobile tablet (slate with chalk!)

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