The Dangers of Cheap Alcohol


Fruit PunchA recent news item warned of the dangers associated with cheap alcohol, bottled in shady industrial units and sold to unsuspecting customers. It reminded me of a story my late father-in-law used to tell: During the Second World War he was a scientist in a laboratory for Royal Ordnance, discovering ever more powerful high explosives. He told about two co-scientists who were holding a party one Christmas. Wartime supplies had led to a shortfall of ingredients and as a result their mixture turned out to be lethal…

Some scientists were having a party,
They worked making TNT,
Alcohol was scarce on the high street,
But in the lab the neat stuff was free!

The two concocted a fruit punch,
Industrial alcohol glugged by the score,
With each new batch they tested,
They added just a soupçon more!

When the guests arrived at the party,
They couldn’t get in through the door,
When they looked in through the windows,
Their hosts were dead on the floor.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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