A Farmer’s Uniform!


TweedI have just spent over an hour downloading farmery stuff ready for an inspection later on in the week. Most publications carry photos of farmers looking at crops/grain/fertilizer in a pose reminiscent of Kim Jong-Un of North Korea inspecting a jam factory. On seeing the hundredth picture, something struck me as being rather odd. Like Kim, they were all wearing a uniform. I went to my wardrobe and discovered to my horror that I had caught the disease too…

You can always tell a farmer,
(not much it is agreed!),
They know nothing at all about fashion,
But overdose on tweed!

Some smell of cow muck,
and some they smell of pig,
I sometimes smell of diesel,
as we cultivate (or dig!)

So if you see me in town,
and you think I’ve gone to seed,
forgive me ‘cos I’m a farmer,
dressed from head to toe in tweed!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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