Remembering Bill!


Loo LockedAs with any occupation, customers come and customers go. Car boot sales are no different. Some years ago we had a regular seller called Bill, who along with his wife, used to come every Saturday and sell plants. About nine years ago he retired, sold his house and business in the Fens and moved abroad. They were a lovely couple and we had many laughs over the course of the time they spent with us. I was reminded of him yesterday when I came across a drawing he’d done for me. One Saturday, about fifteen years ago, I was clearing up after the sale, hitched up the loos and started to drive off. A man came rushing up waving his arms, shouting: “Stop! Stop! My wife’s in there!” Bill found this very amusing and the following week presented me with the picture above, complete with a rhyme. If you see this Bill, thanks for the memory…

Oh dear!
What can the matter be?
One old dear,
got locked in a lavatory!
She was there,
from Saturday to Saturday!
Nobody knew she was there!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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